h.8. Frederick Johannes NEL, geb. 08/12/1891

h.8.  Frederick Johannes, geb.  08/12/1891, Loew Kopje, Pietersburg, Tvl.

Frederick Johannes was die seun van Gerhardus Stephanus Nel en Petronella Sophia van der Linde.

Uit hulle ma se sterfkennis van 1894:


Uit hulle pa se sterfkennis van 1904:

Birth at Pietersburg, Transvaal. Soon after birth, before he could be registered, the family continued to Tuli and Frederick was Baptised March 1892 at Tuli. His birth was not registered in South Africa or Rhodesia according to a signed affadavit on 7 February 1913 registered at the Master of the Court in Selukwe Southern Rhodesia. Barend van der Linde Nell the eldest son of Petronella Sophia signed the affadavit as true.  Frederick had lodged a claim to Inherit part of the Estate left by Petronella Sophia NELL and had no supporting documentation to prove his birth.  (https://www.myheritage.com/person-5021071_148888701_148888701/frederick-johannes-nel-b2c2d3e5f4gh8)