h.7. Stephanus Daniël NEL, geb. 31/08/1889

h.7.  Stephanus Daniël, geb. 31/08/1889, Gatooma, Rhodesië, oorl. 1945, Broken Hill, Noord-Rhodesië x 30/01/1922, Gatooma. Rhodesië met Hester Adriaana LIEBENBERG, geb. 03/03/1901, Gatooma, Rhodesië, oorl. 26/07/1981, Umtali, Rhodesië, d.v. Albertus Johannes Liebenberg and Rachel Cornelia Grobler.

Stephanus Daniël was die seun van Gerhardus Stephanus Nel en Petronella Sophia van der Linde.

Uit hulle ma se sterfkennis van 1894:


Uit hulle pa se sterfkennis van 1904:

Stephanus (Faan) was born in Gatooma in Rhodesia in 1889. Faan Nel grew up and became a prospector. He did find veins of gold that he pegged and mined but he missed out on hitting the big find that he had hoped for. Eventually after he married his wife he went to work on the Copper Mines in Mufulira ... His untimely death in 1945 was as a result of silicosis which he got from working underground. His youngest son who was named after Faan was born after he died so he never got to meet him.  (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Nel-426)

Foto:  (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Nel-426)

Hester was born in 1901 in Gatooma Rhodesia. Hester Liebenberg was the youngest of 6 children . She married Faan Nel and they had 11 children. Five of their sons died in infancy and are buried at Nkana, Luanshya and Mufulira. In the 60's her adult son and daughter were killed in a car accident between Broken Hill and Lusaka. Her daughter left behind 6 children from two marriages. The two eldest children went to live with the first husband and Hester took the four youngest who were aged 4, 3, 2 and six months and she brought them up. It was very difficult for her because she was only receiving a minimal mine pension in Northern Rhodesia and when she moved back to Rhodesia, the pension ended and my parents became responsible for her and built a house on their Umtali farm for her and the four children. She managed to keep the bread on the table and and the children were educated at Botha's Hof in Salisbury and grew into fine adults. She passed away in 1981. My memory of her was her incredible crochet work. She crocheted the Last Supper in fine Nbr 1 silk cotton and The Lord's Prayer in the same. She gave me one of each after I married, but unfortunately these were stolen amongst a lot of my other household possessions in South Africa which is a tragedy. I also remember the bread she used to bake. I can still smell the yeast of the fresh bread when we used to visit her as children, and taste the hot bread dripping with real butter and honey.  (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Liebenberg-289)


Foto:  (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Nel-426)