h.2. Susara Johanna Adriana NEL, geb. 11/11/1861, ged. 25/12/1861

h.2.  Susara Johanna Adriana, geb. 11/11/1861, ged. 25/12/1861, Greytown, oorl. 16/02/1902 x 27/11/1878, Greytown met Daniël August HAVEMANN, s.v. Johan Heinrich Carl Havemann en Hester Maria Magdalena Mare.

Susara Johanna Adriana was die dogter van Louis Jacobus Nel en Susara Johanna Adriana Mare.

Uit hulle pa se sterfkennis van 1917:

Daniel August Havemann married Sarah Nel the daughter of Louis Nel by his first wife. After the death of his first wife he marries Hester Cecilia Havemann. This now makes Hester Cecilia the Stepmother of Sarah Nel as well as sisters in law. Louis Nel is now the father of Sarah as well as her brother in law.  (http://www.sagenealogie.com/archives/2007/mar2007.pdf)


i.1.  Sarah Johanna Adriana HAVEMANN, geb. 18/12/1879

i.2. Johann HAVEMANN, geb. 24/10/1881

i.3. Hester Maria Magdalena HAVEMANN, geb. 17/03/1884

i.4. Louisa Jacoba HAVEMANN, geb. 22/07/1886

i.5. Elizabet Georgina HAVEMANN, geb. 16/01/1889

i.6. Gert Daniel HAVEMANN, geb. 01/05/1891

i.7. Pieter Uys HAVEMANN, geb. 14/07/1893

i.8. Cornelia Aletta HAVEMANN, geb. 22/11/1895

i.9. Albertus Paul HAVEMANN, geb. 21/05/1898

i.10. Delarey HAVEMANN, geb. 19/01/1901