e.6. Adriana Anna NEL, geb. c. 1813

e.6.  Adriana Anna, geb. c. 1813 x Gerhardus Cornelis (Gert) OOSTHUIZEN, geb. 10/02/1819, Swellendam, s.v. Gerrit Oosthuizen en Maria Jacomina Dirkse van Schalkwyk.

Adriana Anna was die dogter van Pieter Willem Nel en Jacoba van der Merwe.

Langlaagte was originally a farm of 2260 morgen, partitioned between the first owners being Hendrik Alberts and Anna Elizabeth Oosthuizen. It later came to be sub-divided into four parcels owned as to - Portion A: Andries Lucas Breedt, Portion B: Anna Elizabeth de Beer Mulder (formerly Oosthuizen), Portion C: Gerhardus Cornelis Oosthuizen and Portion D: Petronella Francina Oosthuizen & John Hendrik Oosthuizen. All these Portions of land, and many further sub-divisions thereof, became subject to a flurry of prospecting activity from February 1886. Prospectors, granted mining licences in respect of their prospectors claims, were quick to sell when they could double their money. Thus the farm and ownership of the mineral rights changed hands many times before it began to become the latter day mining company that was to be known as Langlaagte Estates and Gold Mining Company Ltd. This is the company that was sold by J.B. Robinson in 1915 to Solly Joel acting on behalf of The Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co. Ltd. (JCI).  (https://www.geni.com/people/Gerhardus-Cornelis-Gert-Oosthuizen-b1c4d2e9/6000000006264097135)


f.  Willem Adriaan Jacobus Christoffel OOSTHUIZEN, geb. 05/05/1843.