h.9. Gert Cornelius NEL, geb. 06/04/1885, ged. 05/07/1885

h.9.  Gert Cornelius, geb. 06/04/1885, ged. 05/07/1885, Greytown, oorl. 16/02/1950.  Professor Dr. x Frederick Smit ASHPOLE, geb. 16/05/1891, oorl. 16/07/1950.  Woon Commercial Hotel Stellenbosch ten tye van dood.

Gert Cornelius was die seun van Louis Louwrenz Nel en Judith Margaretha Moolman.


Gert Cornelius Nel (6 April 1885 – 16 February 1950) was a South African botanist.  Nel was born in 1885 in Greytown, Natal Province on a farm. He earned a BA at the University of Stellenbosch then earned a doctorate in botany at the University of Berlin under both Adolf Engler and Gottlieb Haberlandt. Nel emphasized African plant species in his studies, especially in the families Amaryllidaceae and Hypoxidaceae. He provided numerous first descriptions of species of the genera Forbesia, Ianthe, Hypoxis, and Rhodohypoxis.  In 1921, Nel became a Professor of Botany at the University of Stellenbosch, a position he would hold until his death.  Nel published the first book on the plant genus Lithops in the Aizoaceae family in 1946, entitled Lithops. Lithops are native to southern Africa and known for their stone-like appearance.  Nel died in Stellenbosch in 1950. The genus Nelia, a flowering plant of the Aizoaceae family, is named in his honor. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gert_Cornelius_Nel)




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