f.1. Johannes Carel Willem Casparus NEL, geb. 12/01/1827

f.1.  Johannes Carel Willem Casparus, geb. 12/01/1827, oorl. 06/10/1879 x 09/05/1846 met Maria Johanna Jacoba NEL, oorl. 26/11/1863, sy niggie, (death notice 6/9/105 #790 died 1863 at Bloemfontein in the Roggeveld on the day after giving birth to Maria Johanna Jacoba), d.v. Joachim Elias Petrus Nel en Hendrina Steenkamp xx 03/04/1865 met Martha Margaretha Wilhelmina Maria STEENKAMP, geb. 03/04/1847, oorl. 26/09/1901,  d.v. Willem Steenkamp en Catharina Arnoldina Louw.

Johannes Carel Willem Casparus was die seun van Jacob Willem Stephanus Nel en Johanna Elizabeth Margaretha Steenkamp.


eGGSA library Gravestones in South Africa Northern Cape : Noordkaap Northern Cape, CALVINIA district, Rural (farm cemeteries) Northern Cape, CALVINIA district, Olyvenbosch 1039, Bruinrug, farm cemetery NEL Martha Magaretha Wilhelmina Maria nee STEENKAMP 1847-1901