g.5. Andreas Johannes NEL, geb. 05/09/1867, ged 01/12/1867

g.5.  Andreas Johannes, geb. 05/09/1867, ged 01/12/1867, Ladysmith, oorl. 03/11/1906 x 06/08/1889, Ladysmith met Martha Marie GUNTHER.

Andreas Johannes was die seun van Pieter Hendrik Willem Andries Nel en Susanna Engela van Tonder.

Nel, Andries Johannes Kalverfontein, Dundee 20.8.01 High Treason 15 months imprisonment Joined the Boers in December 1899. Took part in operations in and around Helpmekaar and on the Biggarsberg. Commandeered and took possession of property of loyalists. Assisted the Boers in taking certain loyalists prisoner. In March or April 1900 proceeded to the ZAR. Remained in the ZAR up to March 1901.Continued to serve the Boers.