f.12. Catharina Johanna Susanna NEL, geb. 13/08/1840, ged. 19/10/1840

f.12.  Catharina Johanna Susanna, geb. 113/08/1840, ged. 19/10/1840, Albanie oorl. Febr 1880 x 10/05/1854, Glen Lynden met Johannes Hendricus JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb. 13/09/1836, ged. 15/11/1836, Uitenhage  s.v. Johannes Daniel Weilbach Janse van Rensburg en Maria Jacomina Oosthuizen.

Catharina Johanna Susanna was die dogter van Gerrit Nel en Susanna Catharina van der Westhuizen.

Uit hulle pa se sterfkennis, 1883:  Sommige van die kinders se name verskil met die inskrywing in SAG.



MOOC 7/1/385 Ref 95
Inventory of property in the estate of the late Sarah Christina Nel born Van der Westhuizen and surviving husband Gert Nel, who departed this life at Commando Fontein in the district of Bedford on 3 August 1878, dated 14 September 1878.
One fourth share in the farm Commando Fontein bequeathed to Willem Andries Nel, the whole farm being valued at £2999 by the Provincial Council, of which three fourths was transferred by the survivor during the lifetime of the deceased, £749 15s
One half share in two erven being Nos 12 and 5 in Adelaide, bequeathed to Catharina Johanna Susanna Nel and Gezina Maria Nel, £75
One half share being remainder of above erven to Susanna Elizabeth Nel and Johanna Petronella Nel, £75
Small lot of household furniture, £20
Farm stock (goats, sheep, oxen, cows, etc.) £62 10s
as transcribed by Anne Clarkson



g.  Johannes Daniël JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb. 26/05/1859

Brittish Kaffraria baptisms 1859-1882

g.  Sara Christina JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb. 31/03/1861

Brittish Kaffraria baptisms 1859-1882

g.  Maria Jacomina JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb. 13/10/1862, oorl. 06/03/1935, x 20/08/1883, Adelaide met Johannes Daniël Jansen van Rensburg, geb. 13/05/1864, oorl. 27/01/1948, Gwelo, s.v. Frederik Rudolphus van Rensburg en Isabella Jacomina Bekker.


g.  Catharina Johanna Susanna JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb. 10/10/1871

g.  Johannes Hendrik JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb. 18/07/1877

g.  Johannes Hendrik JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb. 12/10/1878

g.  Frederik Rudolph JANSE VAN RENSBURG, geb 12/01/1880