h.1. Anna Cornelia Maria NEL, geb. 10/08/1876

h.1.  Anna Cornelia Maria, geb. 10/08/1876, Trompetter's Drift, ged. 19/12/1876, dist. Albany, oorl. 31/12/1950 x Gerhardus Johannes NAUDE, geb. 05/02/1875, oorl. 01/05/1962, Stutterheim, dist. Amatole, s.v. Jeremias Daniël Naude en Christina Johanna Coetser.

Anna Cornelia Maria was die dogter van Johannes Hendrik Adriaan Nel en Christina Andrina Frederika NN.


Dutch speaker, unlike English speaking, Anglican husband. Baptised in Grahamstown Methodist Parish -  'Nel, Anna Cornelia Maria' in register.' Maria' anglicised to 'Mary' on gravestone. Parents = Johannes Hendrik Adriaan(Adrian) & Christina Andrina Frederika of Trompetter's Drift (old frontier post in wooded valley on bend of Fish River), Albany (Grahamstown) District. Birthdate exactly matches that on Stutterheim gravestone. Not to be confused with cousin Anna Cornelia Maria Nel,born 12 Sep 1879 to Gerhardus Jacobus Daniel & Johanna Katrina of  'Fish River' (likely Fish River Randt), also in Albany, baptised 3 Mar 1880, same parish register! A whole tribe of 8 Nels (4 with 2nd/3rd name = Daniel!) lived on the Fish at the time, found in the same parish register. Some of these locations had first been settled by Boers who had been driven off by Xhosa incursions, to be followed by 1820 British settlers who suffered the same fate, especially during the 'Kafir Irruption' or 6th Frontier War of 1834-5. Granddaughter Poppy Anna 'Pam' Ross [Moncur] recalls that Anna had 'dropsy' [fluid retention] visible in the photo, which to judge by a medical dictionary, had negative health implications - which probably explains how her spouse outlived her by 12 years [a bit unusual].  (https://www.geni.com/people/Anna-Naude/6000000013395475385)


i.1.  Jeremiah Daniel NAUDE, geb. 16/10/1892

i.2.  Johannes Hendrik Adriaan NAUDE, geb. 02/03/1895

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i.4.  Gerhardus Johannes NAUDE, geb. 01/10/1898

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