i.1. Sarel Jacobus VON WIELLIGH, geb. 04/01/1948

i.1.  Sarel Jacobus, geb. 04/09/1949, Karasburg x Sonja VON HATTEN, geb. 07/12/1948, Stuttgart, Duitsland, oorl. 23/11/2009.  Karasburg. 

Sarel Jacobus was die seun van Jan Petrus von Wielligh en Magdalena Barendina Greeff.


Born Sarel Jacobus von Wielligh in Namibia in 1948, Oupa Joepie is your Afrikaans grandfather who has a German heritage that goes far back to Hamburg in the 1700's. He is Namibian first and foremost though, also from a farming background. With a great sense of humour, this grandfather of yours has a very gentle heart, and in the way he brought up his children, proved himself as caring, unselfish and ready to do anything that is needed for his family! Today, he still lives in the little village in Namibia, Karasburg, where he and your father were born.   (Heino von Wielligh)

Ouma Sonja was born Sonja Von Hatten in 1948 in Stuttgart, Germany. Her mom and dad emigrated to Namibia when she was about 6 months old to be farmers in the Gobabis district of Namibia, then German South West Africa. She was a very strong, intelligent lady who always made sure that her children were taught the right values, along with the discipline to apply them in daily life. She very sadly passed away in November 2009, a little over a year before you were born. It is one of the great sadness's of life that you could not meet her, however, she will live on through you and will smile down on the little one that has her blood in her veins.  (Heino von Wielligh)

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